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Random thoughts from the padded cell

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Firstly, I'm married to the most wonderful girl in the world, Donna (aka on LJ as Plumeria Star) and we recently celebrated 10 years of marriage this past February 23, 2008. We have to cats, Butternut and Marley and recently purchased our first home (in SE Portland). I have a daughter from a previous marriage (who lives with her mom) who turns 18 this December.

I'm a screenwriter currently slaving for the United States Government as a day job. It's just boring enough to keep my mind wandering, trying to come up with the next best thing to write. The problem is working 10 hour days tends to get you just tired enough to not write... it's a pretty ugly circle. If only there were something to do about that... I hear MacDonald's is hiring...

My genres of interest are Sci-Fi, Horror/Thriller, Comedy (trying to get better at this genre, actually)... pretty much anything other than romantic comedy or drama - mostly because I don't see myself as overly romantic, funny or dramatic. :p

My first horror screenplay, a story about two American boys who get attacked by the Native American spirit known as the Wendigo (no, it was nothing like the movie "Wendigo" that came out a few years back) has placed relatively well in competitions, including making the top 5 finalists for Screamfest in Los Angeles. Fun times.

After a short, unpaid option, the excitement on that script seemed to wane and it sits on my shelf as I continue to write other scripts.

My first short film, titled "Mind Games" was made on a VERY TIGHT budget in London by a friend of mine who was, at the time, a fledgling director. I still don't know how he did it but he managed to get Simon Dutton to play the main antagonist but he did (he said something about knowing Simon's sister and getting the script to him - upon which he read, liked, and since he was between shoots, did the 5 day shoot for a bottle of brandy). ^_^

So now I am neck-deep in my latest project and loving it... if I can just find the time to actually write (for some reason, when I am at work I love to write... as long as my boss doesn't catch on I guess all's okay...)

A glimpse into the misery er, mystery that is me

Favorite State: Alaska

Favorite Food: Pretty much anything except pink or red meat fish (trout, salmon, etc.)

Favorite Television Show: I don't actually watch that much television any more. I LOVED Northern Exposure (am collecting the DVDs now, actually) and my wife suckered me into Sex and the City - (before I knew it, I HAD to watch the entire series!!)

Favorite Movie: "John Carpenters The Thing"

Favorite Animal: Carcharodon carcharias, a.k.a. The Great White Shark

Favorite Song: Hmmm thats a tough one. The one that sticks out in my mind is Timebomb by Chumbawamba (probably because I just listened to it earlier)

Favorite car: 1957 Plymouth Fury, red/white... er, Christine!! Or a 1968 Pontiac GTO, slick black, tint, chrome

Favorite flower: Orchid

Favorite word/word best describe me: Schadenfreude. It sums me up pretty well, I think.

Favorite sport: I hate sports! But am learning to play golf and having a blast so...

Favorite subject: Me. No, seriously, me.

Favorite subject in High School: Julie Jeffries - and me. Never happened but still...

What I want to do most with my life: Get paid to write movies. I mean, I like movies, I can write so its only natural that I write movies, right? RIGHT?!

What I hate most: Stupid little questionnaires.

Hunt? No.

Fish? Yes catch and release only - unless its halibut, swordfish, bass - see question 2

Smoke? Nope not any more. Quit many, many years ago.

Drink? Occasionally, but not to get drunk and only when I know I dont have to drive.

Married? Yup twice. Currently to a beautiful and loving woman

Children? My daughter, Ariel. Currently lives with her mother in Roseburg, Oregon.

What is your secret fantasy? Its secret - D'uh!

What is your perfect world like? A place where no one is treated differently based on the color of their skin or personal choices, orientation, etc. A place where war is always a last option and where children and the elderly are placed in homes far, far away

Who's your personal hero? Thats a tough one - I actually dont know that I have one, to be honest.

Finally, if you were trapped on a desert island, who would you want to be trapped with? If not my wife, then any/all of the following:

Lucy Liu

Drew Barrymore

Janine Turner (circa Northern Exposure)

Devon Aoki (Sin City)

A never-ending case of rum, spiced

Who would you least want to be stuck on a desert island with?

Paris Hilton.